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Welcome to NO*Lunarlight's.

My name is Siri and I'm a part of Katteklubben Midt-Norge (KKMN). I'm also a member of Norske Birmavenner and Norske Rasekattklubbers Riksforbund (NRR), which is affiliated with Federation International Féline (FIFé). 

I'm running a small home cattery in Trondheim and my catteryname was approved in December 2017.

In March 2018, the first course PawPeds G1 was completed. It's about basic knowledge about cats and keeping cats.

In December 2018, the second course PawPeds G2 was completed. It's about genetics, colours, pregnancies, birth and the kitten week by week.

During the autumn 2018 a breeder diploma from NRR was achieved.


The name NO*Lunarlight's is inspired by GIC Shapur Stardust, and since her name is related to both astronomy and celestial bodies, it became natural to choose a cattery name in this category. 

NO*Lunarlight's or moonlight is again both based on her name, and also the light colour in her fur and color pointed face.

So my cattery name Lunarlight's is in honor of my little princess.

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